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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Book Launch - 'Confessions of a Webcam Model' is Now Available

I am very proud to announce that my 4th book is now ready to download on Amazon.

In the midst of the worst recession the world has ever seen, Cindy Smith is strapped for cash.

But while other people chase down menial jobs without success, Cindy suddenly finds herself staring at a lucrative career.

Before she can say ‘webcam modelling,’ Cindy meets all sorts of weird and wonderful people with the most bizarre fetishes she can ever imagine.

Written in a humorous style, Cindy’s story will take you on a most remarkable journey full of fun and frolics, shock and horror and she’ll show you what life as a webcam model is really like.

This book contains the candid truth of what goes on behind closed doors and the reality of where knitting needles can be inserted.

This book is about a fictitious character. However, all her experiences are taken from real life webcam models that have chosen this career as a way of life.
All names and personal details have been changed. See for yourself, the details are eye-watering.

I’ve wanted to write this book for a while as I’ve missed my confessional style of writing which is present in my first two books in the Secret Confessions of a Backpacker series.

The sex industry features briefly in my first book and in my 4th book I wanted to take things a step further.

As you know, the world has been gripped by a severe recession during the past couple of years, so I wanted to write a book that would reflect this character’s bravery and integrity facing life today in the modern world.

My research into this topic has been extensive. I’ve spent a whole year liaising with webcam models and watching countless documentaries. This career is certainly eye opening and it’s inspired me to think about future books around this theme.

The book is witty and written in a way that will surprise even the most un-shockable reader. I hope you enjoy it.

To celebrate my new release you can also grab a free copy of my chick lit book A Step Too Far. It will be free from Amazon on Tuesday 27th May until Wednesday 28th so grab your free copy while you can!!! :)

Happy reading!



  1. I bought a copy of the book. In my novel Left one of the two main characters is a webcam girl and I tried to do some research at the time of writing but couldn’t really find what I needed and so faked it. Because of the relationship between the two characters getting facts right wasn’t very important; we never know if anything the webcam girl says is the truth. But she was a great character to work with. A good chunk of the novel is written in chat which I loved. So freeing. The other character—they’re both women—has schizoid personality disorder (their forums are fun to read) so they make an interesting pair. But I’ll be interested to see what you’ve written. I’ve a couple of documentaries saved now which I’ll watch before I start my edit—I tend to leave my books a while before editing—and that’s when I’ll likely read yours so don’t be upset if I don’t rush back to you with an opinion.

  2. Oh fantastic Jim. Thanks very much. It will be interesting for you to compare it against yours. Have fun watching the documentaries. I watched several when I was writing and they helped me a lot. I'll look forward to hearing what you think.


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