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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Are Writers Prone to Telepathic Communications?

It's funny. You can grow up for years with people and with some you're so out of synch. But sometimes you don't have to meet a person to have a telepathic relationship. For example, I haven't met my editor: we don't even live in the same country. But there are times when he'll just pop into my mind and the very next minute I'll have an email from him. And vice versa. 

Weird ...

But as a writer is this an 'normal' thing to experience? Should I list this skill on my C.V to impress potential employers?

After all, I communicate with my book's characters every day. They may not exist or be on show for anyone else, but I see them clearly in my mind. And I believe authors have to make their characters behave in a way that their readers would expect. If you want to be a writer who connects with people, you have to draw characters who are capable of showing human emotion. 

I believe you have to be in tune with people to write well. You have to be a good judge of how people are going to react and in my experience it is these sort of people who are more prone to this sort of phenomena.

So, please share your experiences. Are you prone to telepathic communication?