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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Book Series or Stand Alone's: Which Have More Success?

Over the past five years as a writer, I've seen a lot of discussions on this topic and a lot of success stories from authors on both sides of the coin. It's also made me think of another question - does it depend which genre you write in?

All the really famous writers including Janet Evanovich and Lee Child have had huge success with their book series. Who hasn't heard of Stephanie Plum or Jack Reacher? But writers like Danielle Steel have had huge success with stand alone novels.

People may expect crime thrillers to be in the form of serials. Lee Child has written twenty Jack Reacher books in his series, so no wonder he's had phenomenal success and it's the same story with Janet Evanovich.

But does that mean you can only write serials in crime and stand alone's in romance?

What do you think?

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