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Saturday, 25 April 2015

'Without Those Songs.' How Your Words Will Live On Forever

I downloaded the album, No Sound Without Silence last weekend, and a certain song really got me thinking.

Without Those Songs is a story about famous singers who made a career out of certain life events.

This concept is also true for writers. I suppose it's true for any artist, as their work is just an extension of themselves.

The idea that there will always be a remaining part of you after death is a fascination for the majority of people. People have children for this very reason, or at least to carry on with their family name.

But what if the children die young or fail to reproduce themselves. The extension of the original person may only live for forty years. After that time has passed their DNA may be gone for ever.

But with artists, their extension really can go on forever. If what they produce doesn't live then it can never die and that's what makes art so special for me.

To celebrate this fact, I've just released my fifth book: Second Time Around. I hope you will download a copy.

Phoebe Philips is perpetually single. At the age of thirty-two, she’s tried all the top dating tricks without success.

So when her best friend, Annabel, suggests she joins an online dating agency, Phoebe feels like she has nothing to lose. Despite her best efforts, the cyber dates don’t go to plan and things just go from bad to worse. It seems like she won’t have her childhood dream of a fairytale wedding with a horse-drawn carriage.

Now time is ticking and Phoebe fears singledom will always be her way of life. She has to meet someone so she can live happily ever after.

The question is who will that be …?

It's available at all Amazon stores. Or go to my Amazon Author Page for the direct link.