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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Should You Ever Stop Marketing Your Book?

So I have published my book online as an ebook. I have researched all I can about marketing, and noted the importance of doing most of the marketing work myself. And then I've started to think that this is what my life will be like from now on. This is what I'll have to do for eternity. From the amount of work I have already put into my first book, I am already exhausted. What on earth is my life going to be like when I publish the next ten. Am I actually going to have a life outside writing and marketing? Living my life as I am currently doing, the answer is no. But then I remember a few things to make me feel slightly better.

  • My book will take a long time to age because my content is not dated. I haven't written a book on how to ensure you get a ticket for the London Common Wealth games in 2012. Even if my book takes twenty years to find its reader, to them it will still be brand new.

  • As I have placed my book online, it will always be there and people will still be able to find it if they follow the hyperlinks to it.

  •  Generations keep growing. There will always be new people who have never heard of my book. The world does not stop turning.

  • I can relaunch my book if I want to. By re-releasing it, I can hopefully capture the buzz that was there when I first released it. I can promote my book all over again by participating in new book tours. Other writers' can relaunch their book if they have written about an event in the world that has just happened in real life. For example, if an author has written about a severe earthquake in Japan.

  • I can still mention my old book when I am promoting the new ones. I can still Tweet about my old books, and I can still mention the books in my blog. Writers generally say that when they've got more books out, they sell more of all of them. If a reader likes a particular author, then there's more chance of them reading the entire work of that author.

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