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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ten Ways to Write Quality Blog Posts

1. Write short, well spaced out blog posts.
It's easier for the reader to scan over the information and pick out key points in a short amount of time. Highlight important text in bold so it stands out even more.

2. Make the layout of your blog look professional.
Limit the use of flashing gadgets/widgets and photographs too. Have a neutral background with a clear, no frills font. Use black ink. Don't have white text on a black background or you run the risk of people becoming snow blind. Be gentle on your readers eyes, especially if they're anything like me and read dozens of blogs everyday.

3. Have your own unique voice.
Don't try to sound like someone else. If your posts reflect your individuality, what you say will stand out more.

4. Organise yourself.
Spend less time participating in trivial matters. Use that time wisely to post to your blog instead.

5. Don't worry about perfection.
No one is flawless. If you worry about perfection your writing will reflect this. You need to sound confident as well as assertive.

6. Take a pen and paper with you wherever you go to jot down brief notes.
You'll probably get a lightbulb idea when it's inconvenient to write it down.

7. Don't feel you have to know absolutely everything when you blog.
Your experiences are learning curves and you want to share your information with others to make it easier on them if they go through similar things.

8. Ask questions to generate conversations.
Make your followers feel like they're part of a discussion.

9. Write when you want to and you're feeling lucid.
You're more likely to type interesting and intelligent articles then.

10. Keep in mind the questions people ask you for future posts.
Consider expanding the questions so you can use them as a base for the next article you post.


  1. Good concrete advice here. I struggle with what to post, so info like this is welcome. I particularly like #4. I'm a little too organized right now, and I'm not necessarily concentrating on the right things, so you've helped me think about reprioritizing. Thanks!


  2. Hi Donna

    I'm very glad to hear this, thank you very much for your comment. You have put a smile on my face knowing I have helped you out. Have a wonderful day!