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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Let's Get Positive!

This post sort of ties in with the post I typed last week. I was buzzing because I received two high star reviews on Amazon and because of those reviews, I was brimming with positive energy.

The way I was feeling last week inspired today's post, as I thought how amazing it is just how a positive attitude can drive you forwards to achieve so much more than you ever imagined possible. When something positive happens, it almost forces you to believe good things can happen. Your confidence receives a boost and you start to think you can accomplish goals that were once previously unreachable. You find yourself with more energy and motivation to get things done, and you want to show the world how successful you are.

So, when life gets in the way of our dreams, how can we still maintain our new positive attitude? Well ...

  •  Have faith in yourself. Make it your mission to make everyday better than the last one, no matter how much criticism you receive. If you write well and someone praises you for it, you'll be inspired to write further in more or less the same way. If you write but receive negative views, analyse their comments in depth and find ways to improve your writing.
  • Keep things in perspective. Every decision you make in life will not be positive and vice versa. People make mistakes all the time but that's only part of being human. To fail is positive because it means you have taken a chance on something. It's just this time it didn't work out how you wanted it to. But maybe in the future things will turn around, you've just got to be brave and push yourself outside your comfort zone to take chances more often. 
  • Socialise with like minded people. Humans' generate energy which other people absorb. If this energy is positive then it'll only recharge your batteries.
So, is your attitude to life positive? What gets you down, and how do you restore your positive energy? What, or who, inspires you the most?


  1. Thanks. I needed this today--a good shot of motivation....Peggy

  2. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for commenting. Sorry about the late reply - I have been on holiday in Edinburgh for the last couple of days. I'm glad you liked my post :)