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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Why Persistence is so Important.

I have a friend, a good friend that I have known for a while. She wants a baby more than anything and has done for a couple of years, but unfortunately the universe is making her wait for her dream to become a mother.

I know she will make a great mum because she is everything the perfect mother ought to be. She is kind, caring and always puts others first. She is responsible, mature, has a steady job and a stable marriage.

But I think the hardest thing for her to accept is the issue of timing. To have a baby now it seems would make her life complete. She's not some silly teenager, knocked up, after a casual one night stand: she is every baby's dream parent. So why can't she have a baby now when the timing is so perfect?

Out of respect, I will not go into her personal life anymore than I already have done. But I will say I have told her this when she tells me she wishes she could just fast forward her life:

'In life you cannot control everything. If you want something badly enough then I truly believe your wish will be granted one day. It may not be tomorrow or next month, or even next year, but it WILL happen for you eventually. You just have to wait, but don't wish your life away. Instead focus on the present and find the good stuff that exists now. When your dream happens, it happens.'

Of course this is all very easy for me to say as I'm not the one in her current position. But even though I do not want the baby that she wants so badly, I also have a dream that hasn't happened yet.

Just as I tell my friend, I tell myself that I have to wait and be patient. As long as I am persistent then it will eventually happen, it just won't happen overnight. That's where my friend has the advantage because in her case in might just happen overnight! ;) But my dream is the kind where it will take years to happen (most probably).

But that's OK. I don't care how long I have to wait so long as my dream happens eventually. I am not saying this is how my friend should look at things because I clearly understand that time could be an issue for her. Fortunately she is still young, so hopefully by the time she's forty five she'll have twenty kids!

So long as I keep writing, I'll keep producing books, and as long as I continue to work hard at my writing and reading, then hopefully each book will be better than its predecessor. I hope that each book will help to sell the others, and hopefully by the time I have written around ten I shall be making some sort of living, as that's my dream. Maybe I won't be as rich as J.A. Konrath or Amanda Hocking but many writers are indie writers who make a living out of their dream.

So, what do you think? Should people follow their dreams, no matter what?

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