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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Quality Writing will Sell Itself.

I have read an awful lot of blog posts lately about the importance of quality writing. And seeing as it's so important I cannot believe I haven't blogged about it sooner!

Quality is the life and soul of writing. It is the blood and oxygen of words. Without quality your writing is pointless. Having a quality book is always first on any marketing list. If best selling writers could only give one piece of advice on how to sell as many books as possible, they would say write a great book. That's it. Writers don't need to do anything more. Just write a great book and it will sell itself. But so many authors try to market their book without taking this most important issue to heart. Just because you have written a book doesn't automatically mean it's going to become a best seller.

Amazon has numerous examples of great quality, best selling books that seem to sell like hot cakes with little or no marketing effort from the authors. Many debut books hit the best sellers list and no one can argue that the book is only doing well because the author is popular. I mean, come on, how popular can an unknown author be? They're not Stephen King but maybe they write like him and that's the reason why they're so successful.

Many authors worry about the price of their book and think that if it's not priced at 99c, it won't sell. I had this frame of mind myself for a little while but soon realised success favours the brave and that saying made me put my price up. Now after three weeks priced at $2.99 or £1.90 - it still sells. And it's been well worth the risk.

So, if you're new to writing and fear your books won't sell, I can assure you they will sell so long as you have a quality product to market.

Here's a great blog post by Andy Holloman on this issue:

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