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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

8 Tips for Writers

Although I love writing more than anything else, it can be hard going sometimes.

Here are some tips for writers to stay on track.

Be open to all possibilities and opportunities.
Writers have to do more than just write to stay in business. Make every connection you can with people - you never know what opportunity they may offer you. Serendipity can play an important part.

Study people who are successful.
Instead of focusing on other people's flaws, study what makes them successful. How do they write bestselling books? Are the books good because of their theme, or do they have an incredible plotline?

Identify your own weaknesses.
Although you might excel at writing quickly and you easily manage 5,000 words a day, there will be an area of your writing that won't be so strong. Recognise what that area is and spend time improving that particular skill.

Set yourself one new goal every month.
Just like any other career writers should always strive to work harder and push themselves out of their comfort zone. If you don't continually focus on improving your craft you can guarantee the feeling of complacency will take over. You should remember your work can always be improved.

Have faith.
When you have writer's block or a bad review, realise it's just a bad day and every day will not be like this.

Know other people will have different opinions on how to be successful.
Just as some people love chick lit and others love thrillers, their general opinions will usually differ too. That does not mean that they are right and you are wrong; it's just a question of having a different approach. If you set a goal, it doesn't matter how you get there - just as long as you arrive there at some point.

Focus on your strong points.
Especially when you're having a bad day. Remember there are things you are good at.

Realise you may need to take a different approach.
If you can't get something to work, approach it from a new angle.


  1. On point two...I had to slap myself.

    (It hurt)

    I hadn't even realized I focus on the mistakes...and tell myself don't do that.

    Makes much more sense to focus on what made the work great.

    - Mac

  2. Hi Mac,

    Thanks for commenting and thanks for being so honest! I think my biggest weakness is point 5 - sometimes I let bad feelings/situations niggle for longer than they should.