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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

How To Become A Prolific Writer

Many people think that in order to become a prolific writer you have to write full time. I thought this myself until I started meeting lots of successful writers who had full time jobs. Back then I wondered how they did it; be so involved in work and then to come back home and start writing.

But then I realised these writers had traits in common. They follow a strict routine. They probably write everyday. They write regularly so they always have a constant flow of ideas floating around their head.

They probably write after using an outline to map out ideas. (Before you pantsers send me hatemail to object to this, I'm going to insert a clause here to say I know this isn't always the case but I am an outline writer so I'll stick to what I know). Writers who outline say once they've finished they just have to fill in the blanks in their first draft. They write their first draft to get the story down on paper. Then they go back to edit and rewrite it while ignoring the voice of self doubt that tells them their writing is rubbish. Through ignoring this voice they continue to put pen to paper, thus improving their confidence. They just sit down and write, producing one book after another.

If you really, really want to write you'll always find a way. I know one writer who took ten years to finish his first novel. Now it's available in a major U.K. bookstore. People who make excuses why they don't write all have one thing in common: their heart really isn't in it. They use the excuse of being too busy with other things in their life so that's why they fail to write. Sometimes I think you can write better with a little bit of outside pressure. There's just enough stress to get you focused. I know I can write more efficiently when I have a looming deadline in front of me.

Are you a prolific writer?


  1. Love what you've written. I am a prolific writer, and can't stop. I suddenly have an idea that comes into my mind, and I have to write immediately. I have no set timetable to write, but am writing constantly - every day - for several hours. I agree with you, if you are passionate about writing, then you will always find time to write. Wishing you success in all your projects.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment and for sharing your feelings. It's great you're so passionate about writing as well. It's wonderful when our creative spirit carries us away like this. I hope you continue to enjoy the magic of writing.

  3. Hi I love to write, but sometimes I just do not have time. It is so stressful because I want to write, just so many other things get on my way. I market my book myself to so many places and run my other business. Maybe if I had to go to work for someone else, I would have more time to write.

    Good luck and nice to meet you, Diana

  4. Outline writing... Hmm... May have to try that. Nice to meet you!

  5. I think I need to look more into outlining. I've started to write maybe three different books and then hit a brick wall halfway through them.. This definitely sounds like something I need to look into - Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Dianna,

    I know what you mean there! Sometimes when I have the best ideas for my writing it's also one of the busiest times in my life and I cannot get to write. It's so frustrating but then I wait for that time to pass and when first opportunity strikes I'll go back to my writing.

    Hi Geek Girl,

    Thanks for reading my post and nice to meet you too.

    Hi Peter,

    I have never worked on more than one book at a time as I think this requires too much focus and I'm not sure whether I can spread myself out that much. Maybe some writers can do it but I know that I'm probably not one of them. Thanks for commenting - I'm glad you found this post useful and good luck with the writing!

  7. This was good from the get-go, but you won me over with "pantsers." Nice piece.

  8. Aww, thanks Scott. That's very nice of you to say - especially as you're my editor ;) How lovely. I hope you have a great week!

  9. I work well with a deadline though I'd prefer a more laid back pace. My heart is in the writing, but it's not always in the works I should be writing on the most.

    A Faraway View