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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Does Having A Second Job Make You More Focused To Write?

I have just returned from an amazing holiday in New York. I spent a whole blissful week there and I could not have enjoyed myself more. Okay, maybe the weather could have been a little warmer. The temperatures were at or below freezing most days and it snowed a couple of times but that did not stop me from making the most of my time in the city I have wanted to visit for years.

During my stay I was far too busy to write. However, I did take my pad and pens just in case inspiration struck. But the more I got into my holiday the more I thought I deserved my well earned rest. Usually I work seven days a week doing one of my jobs. I now have three and that includes my writing. And I have found that having these two other jobs makes me more focused to write.

I have always loved writing and view that as my top priority. Everything else in my life just comes second best. I work my other two jobs as a way of making money to supplement my writing career - a way to pay for an editor while making sure I still have money to feed myself and my beloved dogs. Until I earn enough money from the sales of my books I know I have to carry on doing this. But even if I didn't have to work, I would still want to do something else as well as write. I have found that writing alone just isn't enough to satisfy my needs. I end up writing all the time and then eventually run out of things to say. If I just had writing in my life I wouldn't have a proper balance.

While on holiday I noticed the Americans are far more work orientated than the English. They would think nothing of having several jobs and still find the time to write. I admire this mindset very much as I've always been a workaholic myself. The Americans work far longer hours than we do in England and have less holiday time as well. If we think we have it tough in this country, the Americans have it far worse.

But the Americans are also well known for being efficient and organised. They are great communicators and have a constant drive for improving services. They also seem to be constantly pushing their businesses to find out how they can make more money while also benefiting everyone else.

So I'll leave you with this interesting thought: Does having a second job make you more focused to write? I know I have plenty of American followers so I'll be keen to hear their thoughts. Do you think your nation is made up of workaholics and does this make you more focused on your writing career?


  1. Concentration is not a function of the number of jobs or occupations one has. It has more to do with the training one gives to one's mind. Think of an efficient housewife who is also a busy and successful executive during the working day. She finds time to write for pleasure of writing or to express her "powerful emotions recollected in tranquility", and she creates that tranquility by equally focusing on and finishing each task she undertakes, in minimum possible time. Look at another friend, who has only one job , a 9 to 5 affair, and he is also a writer..He takes leave from office to write a few paragraphs when 'inspiration' strikes him, but hates doing work on the book at other times. The result: neither his office work gets done in time nor his book is making any significant progress. Thus we see that it is not the number of jobs, but the kind of dedication bestowed on one's projects that matters for a writer's accomplishing what he/she sets out to do.

  2. Thanks for your comment Aarkay. I think you can achieve a lot more if you have a plan of action written down.

  3. Wow, interesting take! I guess we do work until our dying day. I work as a writer, a publisher and an office manager so I have three jobs as well! But, it's what I love to do. I'd like to think the three balance me out and I do have to agree that I'm not sure I'd give up one of those jobs to do just one. Well, I might give up one to do two. As long as you segment time and don't try to be all three at the same time, that's where you get in trouble. Focus on the here and now and you'll see results!

  4. Hi Stephonavich,

    Thanks for commenting. Sometimes I think the more people have to do the more efficient they become. I know I seem to get more things done when I'm under pressure.

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