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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Going Round In A Loop: Why Repetition Can Sometimes Be A Good Thing.

I am reading a brilliant book at the moment by Chrissie Manby. And it's made me think how well the author uses repetition.

Repetition can sometimes be a good thing. The author doesn't repeat certain words or sentence structure but uses repetition to her advantage.

I first noticed the use of repetition when the author mentions the weather. If it is raining you get the sense something bad is about to happen to the protagonist. If it is sunny then the protagonist has a bright moment. Repeating certain elements within a story often make it a satisfying read.

Another thing I notice is how many books start off the opening chapter and the final chapter with a similar location or setting. It's as if the reader has gone round in a full circle following the protagonist's personal growth. If the author ties up all the subplots together then this also makes the reader feel like they've gone around in a complete circle.

So what do you think? Is repetition a good thing? Have you used it in your own writing?


  1. Interesting concept! I hadn't thought of it before reading this.
    Definitely something I'll keep in mind.

  2. Hi Twila, I'm glad you enjoyed it and it's given you something to think about. Thanks for commenting.