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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Do Your Dreams Inspire You? Remembering 9/11.

Let me start off by saying that even though I am across the pond from my American friends, I will never forget this date. Only this morning I saw tribute photos of Manhattan shared between my English friends, so I think I can safely say that most of England is thinking of those horrific events that sadly happened twelve years ago.

In a way those circumstances tie in with my blog post today. Even though that day happened more than a decade ago, I can still vividly remember watching the awful scenes on television as if they only happened yesterday. Of course, there is so much media coverage of the Twin Towers that I'm sure it's impossible to forget them. And there has been countless programmes on those events ever since.

But that unimaginable horror inspired so many people not to take life for granted as you never know what's around the next corner. I'm sure no one who worked in the World Trade Centre could have foreseen what was going to happen that day, although some did say they had vivid dreams about terrorist attacks and the Twin Towers.

And it's dreams like these I want to focus on today's blog post.

I remember reading several interviews from people saying they had dreams, or more accurately - premonitions, about these terrible events. In my mind, even the wildest of dreams could not have foreshadowed 9/11, so these images had to be premonitions. Now I'm a great believer in this phenomenon, so I do believe these stories.

As writers, premonitions/dreams have a significant impact on us. I know lots of writers, myself included, who have dreams about their next book. I suppose when you're constantly think about plotlines and characters these things are bound to come up in your subconscious. And you consequently dream about them. But how many of you can dream up an entire book? These vivid dreams wake up many a writer, and they can't rest until they have these thoughts down on paper.
As of yet I am yet to have one of these dreams. So far I have only dreamt of certain parts in my book, and I envy those who can dream up an entire plotline. It must be so nice to go to sleep every night and piece together your book. And it's the only situation I can think of where you can say you're working even when you are sleeping!

So, do your dreams inspire you?


  1. They absolutely do.
    Just not as often as I would like :-P

    Speaking of 9/11, it took me a long time to be affected by it. I was 15 when it happened.

    A couple years ago, I saw "Remember Me" because Robert Pattinson was in it. Loved him in Harry Potter and the Twilight franchise. Then at the end of the movie, his character died in the 9/11 attacks. Fair to say I did not take the shock of it well.

    8 days later, I had a dream about meeting him randomly in a mall and having a "serious conversation" with him. I don't remember what about, but it was a good heart to heart.
    I wrote that scene and afterwards, I started from the beginning and worked towards how that scene came to pass.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    How fascinating to have that dream, that is so strange.

    I was 16 myself on that day. It was also my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Like yourself I am more upset about it now then I was back then but nevertheless I was still sad that it happened.

    It's funny how films can make you dream.