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Friday, 15 July 2011

How to Market your Book

Here are some of the best ways through my experience to market your book. Whether you're an indie author or a traditional author, these tips will work for everyone.

  • Establish yourself to create a brand name: Who are you and what is it you do? Are you a thriller writer like J.A. Konrath, or a chick lit author like Sibel Hodge. How do you want to be seen on social media sites and online. Choose something that is attractive to you, and will be desirable to others.

  • Let creativity inspire you. You need to make your business cards work for you. How about printing a 5 star review on the back of the card beneath your book blurb. Make sure to include all the online links to your book to give your customers the maximum choice of where to buy.

  • Leave a trail. Carry your business cards everywhere you go and leave them in every available place. Ask friends, family, colleagues to distribute them to their network as well.

  • Share your expertise, knowledge, and wisdom. This is what I try to do. I blog about marketing tips. But if you're writing your next book and don't have much time to gather information off the internet, you could blog about your own writing experience.

  • Establish relationships with as many people as possible. This is an area I blogged about on Tuesday. The more people you know and have a good relationship with, the more potential readers you will have.