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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Guest Poem by Kenneth Weene

Ken contacted me yesterday with this email via LinkedIn. Not so long ago, Ken typed me a guest post on the trials and tribulations of being a writer. Due to its popularity, I thought I would post the poem to my blog and share it with my followers. In accordance with Ken's wishes, if you like this poem, please share it.


Ordinarily when I write a poem, I carefully select the right place for its publication. However, during the past few days, I have written a short piece that I want to disseminate as widely as possible. That is why I am sending it to all my friends and connections throughout the web.

I hope that you will read, think about, and perhaps even share it. And I hope it will inspire all of us to think about what we can do to alleviate the serious and growing problem.

The city park

The homeless gather in the city park
to exchange the latest news:
where’s the best free lunch in town,
who’s giving away some shoes.
Children play a game of tag
to hide their hunger and their fears.
While a gang of surly teens
give a stranger angry stares.
They think it disrespectful
that he not avert his eyes.
But he is wondering whom he might know;
How long before he has no home.

© 2011 Kenneth Weene

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