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Friday, 5 August 2011

Where to Look for Writing Inspiration

So many writers struggle to unleash their inspiration. They may want to write but until they find the key to unlock the creative part of their brain, many will find themselves unable to type a single sentence.

A swimmer cannot swim unless they're surrounded by water. A writer cannot write unless they're surrounded by creative thoughts, inspiration, and discipline.

So what do you do when your flow of thoughts simply won't swim on to the page?

The first thing I do is go for a walk and try to focus my thoughts by taking in the scenery around me. The fresh air often makes my thoughts much sharper and more vivid. I focus on my breathing and try to view the scenes unfolding in my head from different angles.

Next I visit bookshops and look for topics to feed my creativity. I try to look at everything because I am aware inspiration can strike from any source. The last thing a writer needs is a closed mind because that in itself stems creativity.

Then I have a coffee in a busy cafe (caffeine kick starts my mind) and watch the people around me. If I am by the window, I will consciously watch folk outside talking to other people and imagine what they are saying. I study their body language, watch their face to see if they're about to shout or laugh, and think of the scenes in my book and wonder if these people can influence my next chapter.

I will arrange a catch up with my closest friends to find out what's going on in their lives at the moment. Are there any potential intersting situations they're currently in, and do they know the final outcome yet? Obviously, if I do use real life people as inspiration I will only use them very loosely and will make up the finer details completely by myself. I couldn't bring myself to go into major detail about any personal life. I will only use the stories as inspiration, I wouldn't use the individuals involved.

I'll find a great book and loose myself in another writers words. What lense do they see the world through, and do I look view things from the same way? I will also look at paintings. Just because the artists work isn't in the written word doesn't mean it's not telling a story, it's just telling the story in a different form.

Whatever I do I will always find inspiration. It's just important to remember that every now and then we all need a break to look at life from a different perspective.

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