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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What Makes a Good Work Ethic?

This question has intrigued me for some time now so today I've decided to blog about it.

As a writer I can say a good work ethic is vital for success whether you decide to self publish or go down the traditional route. But what makes a good work ethic and why do certain people seem better suited to it than others?

These days I can personally say that it is much harder to maintain a good work ethic than it was ten years ago. The current recession hasn't helped matters and the zero hour contract that so many businesses can now implement doesn't do much to inspire your confidence either. But I don't think the recession is entirely to blame. What matters is people's attitudes. And this is the reason why I've spent so much time thinking about this question.

As an ebook author I network with many, many people around the globe. Most of them are American and I have noticed it is these people who have the strongest work ethic. Many of them seem driven with their goals clearly mapped out. And as someone who resides in the UK I can say that this attitude is completely alien to some people who live over here.

I don't know whether our crazy welfare system is to blame for making so many people lazy and feckless but as I get older it seems the concept of hard work is becoming a thing of the past. I know this may be a fairly sweeping statement to make but I strongly believe that Great Britain isn't so great anymore.

I believe to have a good work ethic you must first accept responsibility in your job role. If something isn't working then try to do something about it. So many people seem to have the attitude of saying that this isn't my problem so I'm going to pass it on to someone else. But if everyone has this attitude then the problem isn't fixed.

I've had the goal of being self employed now for many years because I truly believe I am suited to this way of life. If like me you're a hard working person who never gives up and have so much drive you can be a Formula One racer then sooner or later you're going to be a success.

Now it's over to you. What in your opinion makes a good work ethic?


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  2. It is unfortunate a good work ethic is no long important to so many. Here in the US more and more are satisfied with welfare and unemployment. Work is the foundation of every good society. Being on time, doing your best, and earning your pay are very important to the self worth of each individual. It is sad so many have accepted the lie that the government or society owes them a living. The day will come the governments will run out of other people's money. Then what will happen

  3. Hi Donna,

    Yes that is a very good point to make. I think with the amounts of cuts that have already been made somebody needs to take drastic action before that day arrives.